Give Us Your Holiday Horror Stories, We’ll Give You Tickets to Heebonism

12/10/2009 11:57 AM |


With a mere two weeks until Christmas Eve, it’s time for Jews and their non-Jewish-but-still-want-to-go-out counterparts to start planning for December 24th festivities. This year, The L Magazine has teamed up with HEEB Magazine to give away a pair of tickets to their annual Heebonism bash and embarrass you horribly in the process!

For those unfamiliar, Heebonism is the magazine’s annual Christmas Eve bash that “gives New Yorkers an alternative to Chinese food and watching reruns on cable. With live music, DJS and comedy, this is the night before Christmas blowout…there will be drinks, dancing, and even contests like ‘Strip Drediel,’ moderated by local swingers community The Kinky Jews.” Press release’s words, not ours.

Sounds like good times, right? Starting today, after a prompt tweet from @TheLMagazine, @reply us your most horrifically humiliating and shameful Chanukah and Christmas stories in a pithy 140 characters or less for your chance to win 2 free tickets to the party! The top 5 most cringe-worthy tweets, as determined by a panel of unsympathetic L Mag staffers, will garner eternal internet fame and glory by being re-posted here on The Measure, while the person with the singularly most mortifying tale will win 2 free tickets to Heebonism. So start your reminiscing…

And if there are any of you left out there who still manage to value privacy in 2009, you can simply buy tickets here.