Greenpeace’s Scary Billboard Campaign Can’t Overstate the Importance of Next Week’s Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

12/04/2009 3:43 PM |

Greenpeace Obama COP15 billboard

So the most important international summit of our lives, possibly ever, begins on Monday in Copenhagen, and Greenpeace has bought up billboard space at the city’s airport in hopes of scaring incoming world leaders into doing the right thing at COP15 (Dec. 7-18) by setting some serious, hard goals and deadlines to make sure their countries cut back emissions.

The premise of the billboard series is basically like that classic South Park episode, “My Future Self n’ Me,” in which the boys’ parents try to scare their kids away from drugs and alcohol by hiring actors to play their alcoholic and drug-addicted selves from the future. Here, likenesses of world leaders looking 10 years older and much, much sadder than they do now—including Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown, Stephen Harper, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and more—appear next to apologetic quotations from 2020 in which they express regret that they didn’t do what they should have back in 2009 at COP15: “I’m sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change… We didn’t.” That should scare ’em straight. (CreativeReview)

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