Guardian Imitates The L, Collects Images of Artists’ Nativity Scene Reinterpretations

12/16/2009 5:09 PM |

Tom Hunter

A little while back Jonny assembled a nice slideshow of 15 weird Nativity scenes, and today the Guardian responded (because this isn’t just a weird coinkidink, not at all, we’re in dialog with major international papers all the time) with a Nativity slideshow of its own. But where we went all vernacular and Pop artsy with kitschy dog figurines and toys and whatnot, the Guardian Nativity scenes are predictably highbrow, each from the oeuvre of a modern or contemporary artist. The least wink-nudgingly sarcastic is Tom Hunter‘s take (pictured) on Caravaggio’s painting “The Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence.” (Artinfo)