In Which Ben and Mike Talk About the Nipple Tape in the New Rihanna Video

12/18/2009 9:32 AM |

Ben: Will you be posting something about the new Rihanna video? Or rather, you should post something about…
Mike: DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I might, yeah. I haven’t watched it yet.
Ben: She wears a military helmet with mickey mouse ears while she rides a pink tank. It’s amazing.
Mike: I guess i will watch that now.
Ben: Here.
Ben: She shouts out bloggers at one point!
Mike: Where they at, where they at, where they at?
Mike: Holy christ, that is serious nipple tape
Ben: Yeah, not even trying to hide anything, just flaunting the tape like it’s new nipples
Mike: Wait, but that nipple tape is on a shirt!
Ben: Oh, is it? lame
Mike: i think so
Ben: Ugh
Mike: She knows nothing about nipple tape
Ben: What a poser. Also, pretty obvious attempts at doing Lady Gaga-ish costumes
Mike: Yeah, so silly. “I’m so hard” is a really stupid thing to say. It’s like Jay-Z saying “I’m so Brooklyn.” Like, how ’bout act hard or act brooklyn instead of just telling me you are those things.
Ben: Maybe it’s a joke about her nipples.
Ben: It’s like a really glossy editorial cartoon
Mike: Yeah, that doesn’t bother me. Her having no idea who the fuck she’s supposed to be is what bothers me.
Mike: Oh, but when she makes a typing motion as she says “bloggers,” it’s awesome
Ben: Totally. You should embed a video of yourself typing the blog post about the video to that part of the song. It would be the most meta blog post ever. And the internet would probably eat itself.
Mike: I also happen to be sitting on a giant pink tank right now, so it would totally work
Ben: All you need is a hat with some ears.
Mike: God, that wasn’t as good as it could have been
Ben: Pretty good though, no?
Mike: Pretty good, though i’m still bothered by her dishonest use of nipple tape.

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