Indie Rock Stereotypes: Be Prepared to Laugh, But Then Don’t

12/22/2009 2:08 PM |


You know who likes TV on the Radio? Politically correct hipsters. Because there are black people in the band! And you know who likes Grizzly Bear? People who think that world hunger could be assuaged with four part harmonies. Because, um, there are often harmonies in Grizzly Bear’s songs! (Seriously, look at the photo: they’re singing at the same time.) And you know who likes Spoon? Bros who drink shitty beer without ironic intentions. Because… I have no idea why, actually! Ha ha!

These are but a few of the hilarious entries in Flavorwire’s “Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Band” feature, which is a must-read for indie-rock fans in much the same Rent was a must-see for for people who lived on the Lower East Side in the 80s, or the way Everybody Loves Raymond is an endless source of hilarity for anyone who’s ever been married.

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