James Franco: Celebrity Art Critic

12/09/2009 3:58 PM |

James Franco

Actor, art enthusiast and double-MFA student (at NYU for filmmaking and Columbia for fiction writing) James Franco (pictured at the Guggenheim’s Art Awards) is also a celebrity journalist and cultural critic these days. He’s apparently befriended both an editor at The Wall Street journal and legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic and has been tasting her desserts—that’s not a double-entendre, she has been working with food a lot lately and Franco has tried a couple of her recipes.

He describes the first such dessert performance in this rather enjoyable essay, where he also does a quick history of performance art, and then explains that his recent appearance as a performance artist on the soap opera General Hospital was a kind of performance art in its own right, which is funny, clever and, possibly, true. But this video interview where Franco creates and eats some sort of gold leaf-wrapped olive ball at Abramovic’s apartment is even more enjoyable. Check it out after the jump. (Artinfo)

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  • I think you mean “dessert.”

  • Yes, thank you. (I’d offer to make you a dessert to express my gratitude, but I might inadvertently end up serving you a plate of sand.)

  • OK, I watched this, and I find it strange that the video shows the entire preparation of this almond-cardamom ball, but then the clip ends abruptly after he eats it. There’s no explanation or description. He just says, “It’s fantastic.” What’s the point?

  • this is art? it looks more like this lady just poses for photographs…next time someone takes a pic of me i’m gonna say it’s performance art. maybe i’ll get rich..