Kris Kristofferson is Better Than Animal Collective

12/15/2009 1:28 PM |

While we’re on the subject of the year’s best songs and, more specifically, the year’s best songs that were ignored by the Pitchfork list, I’d like to take a moment to call your attention to this video for Kris Kristofferson’s “Closer to the Bone,” from the album of the same name. He sings—or, as close as he’s able to get to singing these days—in a way that bears a striking, unsettling resemblance to Warren Zevon’s farewell album, The Wind, which was released two weeks before his death in 2003. Here, Kristofferson talks about the cruel ironies of aging: “Ain’t it kinda funny? / Ain’t it just the way it goes? / Ain’t you gettin’ better, running out of time?” And he sings about authenticity and emotional honestly in his own music, a decidedly unstylish thing to talk about at this particular moment in time: “Making pretty music, closer to your feelings / Working on the reason, running on the rhyme… Coming from the heartbeat / Nothing but the truth now. / Everything is sweeter / Closer to the bone.” What does it all mean? Well, it means there’s still hope for all those kids I watched on the MTVU Woodie Awards the other night.