“Liberal” Officially a Dirty Word, Might as Well Call Yourself Mao von Hitler

12/10/2009 3:23 PM |

red scare

Twenty years of brilliant branding (by evil guys like this) and relentless right-wing propaganda punditry have finally, ultimately succeeded in making the designation “liberal” just a step up from “pinko fairy” in the American consciousness—at least according to a poll released today from Public Policy Polling. Of course, “liberals” have been trying to rebrand themselves as “progressives” for over a decade, so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Still though, 18 percent (self-designating as) “liberals” vs. 41 percent “conservative” and 41 percent “moderate” is kind of alarming.

Now, whether or not any of these self-designations has much to do with the actual policies Americans might want to see implemented is a whole other story. These days it seems a lot more “I’m conservative therefore I believe this” than “I believe this therefore I am conservative.” Polls though, meh. (Wow, I’m depressed.)