Mr. Burns Gets Most (Write-In) Votes in NYC Mayoral Election

12/07/2009 9:04 AM |

Monty Burns for Mayor

Back at the height of New York City’s mayoral race, amidst all the talk of Bloomberg-versus-Billy, I mentioned a rogue candidate nobody really believed in: Montgomery Burns, the much-hated nuclear power billionaire from The Simpsons. He had his own ambitious, self-financed, Shepard Fairey-posterized campaign, and all kinds of ambitious plans like selling Staten Island to New Jersey to get some extra cash, putting a nuclear power plant in Williamsburg, and using 20 percent of subway cars for freight and cattle.

Well, it’s not exactly what we were hoping for, but over the weekend the NY Daily News reported that Monty Burns had the most write-in votes, with a grand total of 25. A slew of non-candidates also received write-ins; Derek Jeter, Rodney Dangerfield, Abe Lincoln and Sleeping Beauty all got one vote, and Rudy Giuliani got ten (yikes!). (Neatorama)