New York’s First Solar-Powered Electric Car-Charging Station Opens in Red Hook

12/16/2009 9:09 AM |

Beautiful Earth Group charging station

What with all the new pedestrian plazas and protected bike lanes, New York seems to be taking more and more cues from European cities, the latest of which is NYC’s first solar-powered electric car-charging station, which just opened in Red Hook. According to Inhabitat the company behind the station, Beautiful Earth Group, built it out of reclaimed shipping containers on a lot next to their Columbia Street headquarters. The charger is completely off the grid, and only uses the electricity generated by the solar panels on its roof, which take about three hours to charge the company car, a 100 percent electric BMW Mini, which is great, but who can really afford an electric BMW? Here at The L we’re still mostly beer-powered, and our company car is the F train.