Stars Cover “Fairytale of New York,” Should Not Have Done That

12/01/2009 1:11 PM |


Oh, hey, bands? Don’t cover “Fairytale of New York.” Nothing good is going to come from it. Honest. The most you can hope for is that you don’t completely fuck it up, and even that is unlikely. If you change the arrangement, it’s probably gonna be dumb. And if you choose to keep it the same, it’s just gonna sound like an embarrassing karaoke performance, especially for the dude, who can’t possibly sound like Shane MacGowan, on account of probably not having a brogue, probably not being drunk, probably never having been in a drunk tank, probably not being the type of guy who would conceivably call his girlfriend a slut, and probably not being the type of guy who’d have a girlfriend who would call him a faggot.

But if, despite all that, you’re still gonna do it (and again, you really should not do it), you should probably consider getting the lyrics right, which proved too difficult for Canadian electro-pop outfit Stars on their version, which was released digitally today. The horse did not come in “at ten to one,” you see. The horse “came in eighteen to one.” I know this because I’ve listened to the song a million times, and also because I have the fucking internet.

Ugh. Happy fucking Christmas.

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