Whitney Announces its Incredible Shrinking Biennial of 2010

12/14/2009 1:05 PM |

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

On Friday the Whitney Museum of American Art announced the list of artists who will participate in its biennial survey of American Artists Who Matter and, as the Times points out, the show continues to shrink. Next year’s Biennial, which opens on February 25 and continues through May 30, features 55 artists, or a little over half the number featured back in 2006 and down from 81 artists in 2008. Aside from its restricted scope—maybe this means the ratio of quality to crap will be better this time—it’s a fairly standard Biennial lineup of well-established gallery stars, almost all of whom are based in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.

Familiar names on the list include abstract artist Tauba Auerbach, creepy portraitist George Condo (who was featured in the Biennial in the 80s), epic installation artist Piotr Uklanski (who had a solo show at the Whitney in 2007) and Pop art surrealist Robert Williams. I’m especially excited to see what the always unpredictable and outstanding Brooklyn collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation (pictured) does for the show. Click here for a full list of artists participating in the 2010 Whitney Biennial.