Artist Remakes Claude Lelouch’s Rendez-vous Using Google Street View

01/26/2010 9:48 AM |

French director Claude Lelouch’s C’etait un rendez-vous (1976) is a legendary short film both on account of its stripped cinema verite doc style, and for the ridiculous stunt filmmaking it took to make: Lelouch drove his Mercedes around Paris at 5:30am with a camera mounted on his bumper, reportedly reaching speeds over 200 km/h as he made his way across the city to a rendez-vous with a young woman on the steps of Sacré Cœur. Freed from limitations like traffic and motor vehicle speeds, London-based artist Alex Hammond has re-made Lelouch’s nine-minute short as a thirty-second trip through Paris using images from Google Street View. Without the roaring motor and screeching tires, though, it’s a lot less fun to watch than the original, which is embedded after the jump. What’s next, a remake of Frederick Wiseman’s High School using Facebook status updates? (NOTCOT)