As Pot House Burns, Bronx Residents Giggle, Snack and Clean

01/13/2010 11:33 AM |

kumar gets stoned

A house full of weed caught fire yesterday in the Bronx. Yup, parts of Laconia (a nabe up there) were covered in a haze of marijuana fog as what appears to have been a pretty serious in-house pot farm went up in smoke. Look, I know I’m supposed to make a bunch of drug puns at this point, but rather than force you to wade through the murk of numerous double entendres I’ll just make a list of the words I might have used: stoned, munchies, baked, red, doobie, toke, joint, spark, burner, mary jane, Mary Louise Parker, grass, dope, tea, hippie lettuce, chronic, 4:20, ganja, bud, spliff… oh fuck it, just go here and make them up yourself. Citizen journalism!