Bloomberg’s Michael Scott-esque Management Gimmick Happening Right Now

01/20/2010 1:23 PM |

Michael Bloomberg is Michael Scott

You remember those crazy rock and roll band concerts you went to when you were younger, when all of a sudden the bass player would swap with the drummer and they would play each other’s instruments for a song or two? THAT SHIT WAS FUCKING MINDBLOWING. THOSE GUYS WERE SO TALENTED AND CUTE.

Anyway, as a part of some kind of level six management theory of “tidying your house to prepare for the arrival of the cleaning lady,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting his various deputy commissioners to jump to other departments for a few weeks to look in on stuff like customer service, staff communication, interagency projects and innovation (e.g. the deputy Parks guys is heading to Education).

Reports back to the mayor are likely to feature lines like “there was not as much innovation in this department as there is in my department” or “staff communication—unlike in my department—is poor,” etc. Transparency and efficiency achieved.