Damien Hirst’s Christmas Card Is Cool Because a Different Artist Made It

01/06/2010 4:10 PM |

Damien Hirst Christmas card by Ashley Bickerton

Art market blogger Lindsay Pollock just got a hold of Damien Hirst‘s Christmas card (above), which, thankfully, looks nothing like a Hirst artwork because he hired Bali-based artist Ashley Bickerton (whose most recent solo NYC show was at Lehmann Maupin in Chelsea in spring 2008) to design and photograph the family portrait. This proves, once again, that artists’ holiday greeting cards are invariably cooler and more whimsical than yours and mine. Here, Hirst, his partner Maia Norman, and their kids Connor, Cassius (!) and Cyrus (!!), smile psychotically from behind Bickerton’s trademark psychedelic, postcolonial makeup and costumes, which, though not exactly Christmas-y, are decidedly, parodically more cheerful than tanks of formaldehyde. (Artinfo)