Does Moving the 9/11 Trial Really Make Us Look “Frightened and Scared”?

01/29/2010 3:36 PM |

Anthony Weiner said today on Morning Joe that we all seem “frightened and scared” by not wanting to have the 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in downtown New York.

Really? Not that I’d ever agree with a douchesack like Joe Scarborough (and I’m not, actually) but I gotta say I’m starting to understand the whole “this will be a really expensive pain in the ass” argument from downtown community boards and local pols, especially in light of no explicit promises from the feds to bankroll the steep security costs. A civilian trial, due process, transparent justice… yes, yes, yes. But a fully bunkered Lower Manhattan for several years? I can see the problem with that.

Let’s just have it in a field in Staten Island. Or Governors Island. Or on a boat anchored off Hell’s Gate. Or here.