Germany’s Barack Obama Musical Doesn’t Get American Critic’s Vote

01/19/2010 3:34 PM |

Obama Musical

The first States-side review of the Obama-themed musical “experience” HOPE: Obama Musical Story, which opened at Frankfurt’s Jahrhunderthalle on Friday, came from Bloomberg’s Catherine Hickley today, and it’s delightfully dismissive. To be fair, from its sappy Barack-Michelle serenades, to the sultry Sarah Palin number “Soccer Mom Pit Bull” (even though she was a hockey mom, thankyouverymuch) and Hilary Clinton’s mid-debate song “Ready on Day One”, it sounds quite awful—and the video after the jump pretty much confirms those apprehensions. My favorite passage from Hickley’s review comes when she describes the super-awkward way that Michigan-born playwright Randall Hutchins presents American racial stereotypes to his German audience:

Nothing is taken for granted. When a character called Money Mack shows up on the street in a white suit, hat and shades with his shirt unbuttoned to the navel, surrounded by thugs to challenge the young Obama, he has to sing “I’m a hustla, hustla, hustla, hustla, smooth criminal.” In case anyone still didn’t get the point, the program helpfully explains that a hustler is a gang leader who makes a living through drug dealing, theft and racketeering.

Sounds utterly hopeless.

Obviously, there will have to be an Obama musical at some point, but I’m confident that we can do better than this. (Playgoer)

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  • Well I was there and the standing ovations from the audience and the excitement in the room about the music and dance doesn’t match your review. That’s precisely why most people I know rush to see movies that the critics try to kill! lol Talk about obvious politics! It’s just amazing how shamelessly media is so politically biased according to their individual agenda. Do you really think we are stupid enough to believe a savey German audience gave a 5 minute standing ovation for an “aweful” musical. Convenient to leave the standing ovation out. Real neutral…

  • We have seen the show and it was pretty much entertaining…and that`s what musicals are made for…wright?
    If I want to see some real politics, I turn on the news
    Great songs, great voices lots of potential!!!
    How snobbish and arrogant to ignore 2000 people who had a great time enjoying the show and giving standing ovations during and after the show.
    Who is this sophomorical critic who obviously had a bad day or just bad/no sex that day ?
    Or is he a republican devotee who is jealous that there is no musical about Bush?
    So write or initiate one – and let`s see how successful it will be…
    You could start it with people throwing shoes at him…
    At least some action that comes with a boring and faceless person…