God of Carnage Cast Shuffles Again

01/29/2010 12:05 PM |

Sure, Ill take the part, I just want to be working

  • “Sure, I’ll take the part, I just want to be working”

Does anybody else have trouble remembering which Jeff is Bridges and which is Daniels? (Seriously, my Crazy Heart notes were full of references to “Daniels”‘ performance!) Anyway, the Jeff without a Golden Globe—or a serious chance at an Oscar this year—is returning in March to the God of Carnage production he left in November. The twist? He’ll be taking on the role James Gandolfini played, while Dylan Baker (click that link!) takes on the role that Daniels once occupied. Lucy Liu also joins the cast for her Broadway debut. (Can’t have a Broadway production without a movie star!) Whether these changes mean that the company that handles the play’s publicity will finally let us see it remains unclear. Anyway, Feb. 28 is your last chance to see Jimmy Smits and his critically respected co-stars in these parts.