Grandpas Try To Kill Each Other Over Parking

01/22/2010 11:59 AM |

Actors in a Re-enactment of the Fight

  • Actors in a Re-enactment of the Fight

An 83-year-old man from Sheepshead Bay beat the shit out of a 99-year-old man, Steve Pulwers, in Borough Park earlier this week. The almost blind victim was left with a broken nose and ribs after his attacker bludgeoned him with “The Club” (or perhaps one of its off-brand competitors). Pulwers, who had been taking out his trash, had asked his assailant to move his car, which was blocking the driveway of a building he owns on Fort Hamilton Parkway.

The victim was bandaged and sent home, and might make it to March, which is when he turns 100. (The attacker was arraigned and also sent home.) Surviving is what Pulwers does: he was once an inmate of Stalin’s forced labor camps. What shocked him most about the attack, he told Courier Life, was that he thought it was a fellow Jew attacking him.

A commenter on Sheepshead Bites puts the imbroglio in perspective: “do not mess with sheepshead bay people. we kick ass.” That includes gays, by the way. (Be proud, Sheepshead!)