How Many Italians Does it Take To Fill a Giant Condom?

01/06/2010 8:58 AM |

giant italian condom

The Italian social networking site Cesviamo staged a viral marketing stunt recently by setting up a giant pneumatic condom at universities in Genoa and Milan, and then filling them to capacity (video after the jump), ostensibly to raise awareness about AIDS/HIV and safe sex practices.

While this might seem a little opportunistic and exploitative of a very serious disease, it actually makes a lot of sense given Cesviamo’s goal, which is to encourage, enable and promote fun and creative fundraising and awareness campaigns (read: viral stunts) through the site. In summation: if you speak Italian you may now use Cesviamo to coordinate gathering in parks and malls with like-minded Italians and flash-mobbing about cancer, AIDS, poverty and climate change. (Design You Trust)

That’s 223 Italians in a condom in Milan, and 230 in Genoa.