In Time of Record Box Office Revenues, Brooklyn Loses Movie Theaters

01/22/2010 12:50 PM |

Cinema Ghost Town

  • Cinema Ghost Town

In sheer dollars, 2009 was Hollywood’s biggest year on record for revenues; box-offices raked in $10.5 billion in grosses. (In number of tickets sold, it was the best year since 2004.) It would seem to have been a good year for the movie business. But not in Brooklyn.

The movie theaters at Kings Plaza have closed for good, according to the blog Brooklynometry. A mall security guard told the blog that a Best Buy will take their place.

The last decade was bad for Brooklyn movie theaters. Off the top of my head: Bensonhurst’s Marboro Theater closed in 2002; Dyker Heights lost The Fortway in 2005. This, of course, is just the tail-end of a trend that has been going for decades. (In my neighborhood, Bay Ridge, we are lucky to still have one theater—but we also have four buildings that were once, conspicuously, movie theaters. Ah, the good old days…)

Anyway, Best Buy has proven a surprisingly resilient company: first, they took over the failed Virgin Megastore in Union Square. Now this? I suppose it’s a sign of the times: kids don’t go to movies (or buy music) anymore! They make their own, and Best Buy sells the equipment needed to do so, and the computers on which to stream and share it all. Yuk. Children: stop producing, start consuming.

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