Keyspan Park to Be Re-Named

01/29/2010 4:30 PM |


Keyspan Park, Coney Island’s minor league ballpark and Giuliani’s contribution to the neighborhood’s revival, will soon have a new name. The Brooklyn Cyclones, a single-A ball club affiliated with The New York Metropolitans, have ended their naming rights deal with National Grid, the Brooklyn Eagle reports today. Which makes sense, since Keyspan was swallowed up years ago by National Grid. And if there’s no more Keyspan, why keep a stadium named after it? (The deal was supposed to last until 2020.)

A new name has yet to be announced. We hope to God it isn’t “National Grid Park,” although any big-name corporate alternatives aren’t any more attractive. “Brooklyn Brewery Stadium” might be nice. “Thunderbolt Park” would be even better, since the stadium’s construction unnecessarily, and illegally, resulted in the destruction of the neighborhood’s other iconic rollercoaster. (Alvy Singer grew up underneath it!) Remember the good old days when stadia didn’t need to wear a Corporate Banner?