Kid Cudi Rapping Over Vampire Weekend is Less Awesome in Video

01/26/2010 1:55 PM |

Kid Cudi Cudderisback

Back in December we posted Kid Cudi’s rather awesome “cudderisback”, a track he recorded over Vampire Weekend‘s “Ottoman”. Even without visuals, it was a surprisingly successful and very enjoyable meshing of the two artists’ styles, and one could only hope that the inevitable video would be on the level of Cudi’s mostly excellent previous music videos. Instead, it’s a three-minute, video diary entry shot in a hotel room during a recent tour stop in Boston, in which Cudi gives his dealer a huge hug (0:01-0:30), prepares a massive blunt (0:35-0:55), and then sits at his laptop acting silly and high for two minutes. Cudi manages to make Method Man and Redman’s high-jinks look like performance art. Check it out after the jump.