Lil Wayne’s “On Fire” Video Is Insufficiently Fiery

01/07/2010 9:42 AM |

Lil Wayne On Fire Video

Despite a major shipping fuck-up courtesy of Amazon, and another pushed back release date—we’re looking at June 22 now—the video for the next single off Lil Wayne’s rock album Rebirth, “On Fire,” dropped last night (embedded after the jump). Despite all the guitars being brandished throughout, classic 80s synths end up dominating the song, which makes me think that the album might end up being more like Weezy’s response to Kanye’s 808s rather than an actual “rock album,” whatever that’s supposed to mean in the first place.

The video has Wayne rocking a fedora and kickin’ it in a Gothic mansion while a woman with black angel wings stalks and eventually mounts him. There are ample cutaways to closeups of creepy dolls and Renaissance paintings, all of which makes no sense and isn’t especially fun to watch. There’s also much less fire than a video for a song entitled “On Fire” calls for.

The next video from Rebirth had better be the Eminem duet “Drop the World.”