Misleadingly Named New Magimix Kitchen Gadget Is Just a Torture Chamber for Toast

01/04/2010 12:41 PM |

Magimix Vision Toaster

The world’s foremost toast engineers (“toasteers”?) have spent the last 15 years developing a creative solution to global warming designing a transparent toaster, soon to be available for £160 (approx $150) from Magimix. The Telegraph checks in with the kitchen appliance company’s Managing Director, Simon Kinder, who offers these words of wisdom regarding the genesis of the Vision Toaster (pictured):

People wanted to see their toast going brown while it hovered in front of them so they could toast it to perfection. Now they can do that and make sure it doesn’t come out black or burned to a crisp.

What the article fails to mention, of course, is that the device is clearly a miniature torture dungeon where sadists can watch gleefully as their toast browns, blackens and bursts into flames (as illustrated above, or in this clip from Final Destination 3). Now all those kids who delighted in melting toy soldiers in microwaves have a new plaything to help develop their taste for exacting cruel and unusual punishments on captives being held without a fair trial. (Brokelyn Twitter, thanks LSav!)

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