NBC to Replace Jay Leno with Even Less Innovative Programming

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01/11/2010 10:37 AM |

I think Rockford Files is cool, but theres some things Id change if it were up to me.

  • I think Rockford Files is cool, but there’s some things I’d change if it were up to me.

NBC, that’s the network that does all the funny shows I watch two or three at a time on Hulu, right? Well. NBC, you’ll recall, hated Jay Leno so much they had no choice but to give him the 10-11 slot five nights a week. This decision entailed making a big bet on the audience for network TV continuing to become dumber and more homogenous and older (and thus going to bed earlier) than ever before—which is not a move you’d have expected to backfire, given that this is basically what is happening. And yet.

So, for what hip new programming was the American network TV-watching public clamoring? Well, with Leno returning to the far side of the evening news, from whence he sprang, NBC has just greenlit six new pilots:

-A remake of a British crime show
-A remake of a 70s detective show
-Whatever the fuck new lawyer thing from David E. Kelley
-Whatever the fuck new action cop show from Jerry Bruckheimer
-Whatever the fuck new lady thing from a Sex and the City producer
-Something called The Event
-Oh also another Law & Order is in the works eventually

Yes, this will do quite well in regaining the audience that NBC lost by being too predictable and retread-y with their primetime programming. God, television that appeals to more than three million Americans is so terrible.