New York Times Crossword Puzzle: Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010

01/13/2010 2:22 PM |


What a dirty puzzle today! Especially for one who’s theme, “flower girls,” has such virginal connotations. From one across (“scum”—can this be right? I thought) to 24A (“lube”) to 51A (“vas”—as in deferens? This is getting erotic!) to the scatological 36A (“loos”—OK, not so dirty). And once you start, you can’t help but start thinking everything is sexy: Assisi (36A)? Oilers (65A)? Releases (20A)? Joy (61A)? Is “Open Case” (56A) some kind of euphemism?

Kevan Choset might be our dirtiest crossword constructor; a look at his last puzzle (September 10, 2009—thanks for the easy cross-referencing, Rex Parker!) finds a suggestive answer (“Massage,” 47A) that makes you start to see licentiousness in all the answers around it: a Wish Bone (20A) striding atop a Nest Egg (23A)?!? Mr. Choset! Don’t you think that’s A Bit Much (29A)? (Oh, and, trying to get “loin” much? [Lon, 12D; Loni, 60A])

ANYWAY: all in all this was an easy puzzle, especially for a Wednesday, which means that tomorrow promises to be a doozy. (I’ve noticed that a tough Wednesday usually means an easy Thursday, and vice versa. Is it just me? Did it happen once and ever since I’ve made it a self-fulfilling prophecy?) We’ll see. In the meantime, read up on Iris Murdoch (17A); I haven’t read Under the Net (and never even heard of The Sea, The Sea), but not because of a lack of effusive praise from my significant other. (Just because I have a lot of other books to read right now…sorry dear.)

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  • “A Tease”, also. Saucy, saucy, Times Crossword of Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

  • Nice catch with “A Tease”! I missed it because in the puzzle it was “At Ease”. This guy’s hilarious; we should profile him.

  • Also, Daisy Miller is a Hank James book about a slutty American girl in stuffy late-19th-century European high society. (In the movie she was played by Cybill Shepherd.)

    The constructor of this puzzle should be forced to pay a 15 Across, for naughtiness.