Obama Administration Gets a “Solid C” on Environmental Record, Considers Career in Sports Management

01/21/2010 5:01 PM |

green obama

The Obama Administration is a C student.

The first-year environmental report card, issued by the Center for Biological Diversity, isn’t great. Sure, it’s not as bad as the Bush Administration’s, but it’s hard as a parent voter to realize your child president is merely average.

In a variety of categories, the Administration’s grades range from C- (Climate) to B+ (Public Land). Points were taken off in climate for not pushing Congress to legislate a solid greenhouse gas emissions limit and for proposing an emissions limit in Copenhagen that’s higher than a Ke$ha hemline. In Public Land, points were awarded for protecting millions of acres of roadless land (to make bank after Nerd-in-Chief Obama releases his line of flying cars), but lost points for authorizing logging in roadless areas in Alaska, despite new research showing that each felled tree causes a butterfly angel to simultaneously kill a puppy, abort a Christian, and lose its wings.