Religious Roundup: Jewish Prayer Box Grounds Plane, Muslim Guard Harassed, Christian Tries Meth

01/21/2010 2:11 PM |

jews, muslims, christians, unite!

As a lapsed Unitarian atheist, sometimes I really feel left out of all the crazy, godly fun that comes from believing in a giant space ghost being religious in America…

—A plane bound from New York to Kentucky was grounded in Philly after the crew became suspicious of a young Orthodox Jew’s tefillin, a prayer box tied to the body that contains verses from the Bible (a famous holy book). Half of the flight’s 15 passengers then realized Philly is a better place than Kentucky and decided to stay.

—Daoud Ibraheem, 72, has brought a $3 million suit against the Federal Protective Service for what he believes was systematic harassment from supervisors at the Manhattan office, because he’s a Muslim with a long beard. Ibraheem claims he was forced to constantly produce documentation of his religious status (to allow him to maintain the beard), and was forced to work in the cold while other non-Muslims stayed warm.

—In Christian news, someone, somewhere in the Bible Belt, is building a meth lab.