So, Prince Wrote a Song About the Minnesota Vikings

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01/22/2010 2:37 PM |


Prince, as we all remember, is from Minneapolis, and, after observing the Minnesota Vikings advance 2 Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, and their profoundly purple uniforms, he was inspired 2 write a song about them, “Purple Pride.”

The song itself is not exactly what it sounds like when doves cry—it’s sort of children’s-chorus and martial at the same time, like much of the free-form-jazz-oddyssey stuff Prince has been doing since God commanded him 2 stop performing all his best songs—though the lyrics r fairly mystical/ecstatic (“raise every voice and let it b known/in the name of the purple and gold”).

As 4 the Vikings, they r said 2 b delighted with the song; a team spokesman said they hope 2 have Prince appear at halftime of the NFC Championship Game, and invoke the Norse spirit of victory with his 50-foot-high electrocuted demon guitar phallus.

This concludes The L Magazine’s coverage of the weekend’s NFL playoff games.