Spike Jonze’s Absolut Movie, With Robots and Indie Rock

01/21/2010 1:15 PM |

Spike Jonze, the indie filmmaker behind all of your favorite, wildest things, is working on a short film for Absolut Vodka. Titled I’m Here and due sometime in March, the first trailer just surfaced, and it looks like a typically Jonzian mix of quirk and cool with a life-affirming pinch of sentimentality. It’s also about two robots in Los Angeles who fall in love and plug into each other and, you know, have a joint hard drive together or something. (Fubiz)

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  • This is basically an ad right? Ben? I know I’m getting old, but perhaps this post warrants the “Commercial” tag, or “Ads” tag, or “Anybody will do anything for money” tag… /intra-editor spat.