Street Artist (Christine) Finley to Beautify Dumbo Dumpsters Tomorrow

01/14/2010 4:57 PM |

finley dumpsters

New York is getting the prettiest dumpsters in the country at no extra charge to tax-payers. Tomorrow afternoon Rome-based street artist Christine Finley (who mostly just goes by Finley) will continue her Wallpapered Dumpsters project in Dumbo, pasting pretty recycled wallpaper onto dumpsters at 25 Jay Street—right next to our offices! Finley recently papered up some dumpsters on the Lower East Side (pictured), and before that in Los Angeles and Rome.

Her studio work is similarly covered in abstract and oddly juxtaposed patterns from reclaimed materials, kind of like a flea market version of gallery star Tauba Auerbach. Despite what one cranky Curbed commenter had to say on the matter, I don’t really see how anyone can get offended by this sort of benevolent street art, which takes something ugly that we all walk past every day (trashy dumpsters) and drapes them in rich and rather Gothic patterns. More wallpapered dumpsters, please!

One Comment

  • go cranky curbed guy! honestly, this is a bigger waste of time than the whole of the martha stewart “good things” project put together. why not hot glue gun rick-rack onto city garbage cans? edgy!

    i’m willing to put my foot down here and say that this is not art- it’s not even craft. it’s the end product of a cynically self-serving MFA machine. yuck.

    in light of all the truly great unrecognized/unfunded artists out there it’s a shame this is getting so much/any attention.
    and the idea that the project is wrapping itself in the mantle of “environmental” art? because she’s messing with dumpsters? yikes.