The 28 Drinks Later Trailer is Zombie-Spring Break Comedy at its Finest

01/14/2010 2:20 PM |

It doesn’t appear to be a trailer for an actual movie (thankfully), but this short collaboration between comedian Nick Swardson (You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Blades of Glory, Reno 911!) and director Nick Goossen (Grandma’s Boy) makes good on all the obvious analogies between annoyingly drunk people and zombies. The 28 Drinks Later trailer replicates the style of the similarly-titled Danny Boyle undead adventure (and other genre precedents) very nicely, plus makes great use of conventional drunkard (and B-movie) logic, like “Here, have some beer… water. Beer water,” “We’ve gotta get to the library… because drunk people don’t go to the library,” “Nobody says that many ‘bros’ when they’re not drunk,” and the requisite creepy old man: “I seen babies doing Jägermeister shots!” (BuzzFeed)

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