The Reality of American Political Deadlock is Depressing, So We Turn to Fantasy

01/25/2010 3:01 PM |

Neil Freeman over at Fake is the New Real has come up with a map of 50 new states Senatorial districts, redrawn based on population changes in the same way that Congressional districts are gerrymandered altered. Good things about this map? The giant, aptly named meth protectorate northern foothills district of Bitteroot. Bad things: The O.C. would have two of its own senators.

senate districts

This is the kind of thing we always do when we are frustrated with the painful division and obstructionism of American politics—we come up with new maps. Remember this classic from just after the 2004 election? Yeah. (In better news, at least people are taking real steps to reign in the abuse of the filibuster.)

One Comment

  • A fun exercise right now, given the ever-increasing distribution of the American population (especially the poor/ethnic minority population) around urban centers, is to look up the population of your congressional district and compare to a list of states ranked by population. For instance: more people, myself included, live in NY-10 than in Wyoming, Vermont or North Dakota.