Watch Armond White Stand Uncomfortably Next to His Archnemesis George Clooney at Last Night’s NYFCC Awards

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01/13/2010 12:03 PM |

This year’s New York Film Critics Circle Chairman, New York Press critic Armond White, hates George Clooney. Hates him, hates him, hates him. And yet, at last night’s NYFCC awards, in fulfillment of his responsibilities, he had to stand awkwardly behind the podium while a “like, Mariah Carey fucked up” Clooney got easy laughs from a roomful of critics, introducing Best Animated Feature winner Wes Anderson, whom Armond greatly admires.

In the video, embedded after the jump, notice how Armond stands in the light, off the speaker’s shoulder like a proud uncle, while Anderson gives his largely rote, very gracious speech (nice vest Wes!); and contrast that to the way he stands way back, shifts uncomfortably, and stays out of the frame while Clooney works the room.

It’s because of the potential for similarly awkward encounters that I never interact socially with movie stars:

And, hey, isn’t that Kathryn Bigelow getting acceptance-speech practice at the beginning?