We Suck: 58% of Americans Want to Torture the Nigerian Plane Bomber

01/04/2010 1:30 PM |

waterboarding is torture

In the great American tradition of misplacing our values (both Christian and Enlightenment) when we’re scared or angry, a Rasmussen poll released today reveals that 58 percent of Americans would like to personally waterboard Nigerian plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab while eating a grilled cheese, in order to extract all the valuable information he was no doubt pumped with before being sent to die by his anonymous handlers. The other salient number from this poll was the jump from 49 to 79 percent of Americans believing that another terrorist attack will take place in the U.S. this year. YR LETTING THE TERRISTZ WIN PEOPLEZ!1! “Fear itself,” Geneva Conventions, rule of law, etc.

Of course, Rasmussen is a conservative hack, but still, WE SUCK.