Your Brief Guide to Cheap-Ass Gym Specials

01/06/2010 6:30 AM |

» Equinox Fitness Club

Equinox is derived from the Latin words aequus and nox meaning, roughly, equal night, because on the Equinox the night day are equal in length. But if you ask them what that has to do with working out, they hang up on you. If you can get a fellow Wiccan to join with you, Equinox will waive the $425 initiation fee, and then it will cost you about $140/mo for the rest of the year.
194 Joralemon St, Brooklyn 718-522-7533

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  • Hey Robert –

    Thanks for generating this list. I was surprised that you did not mention the YMCA, especially since there are so many locations in the boroughs. It is a family-friendly place that is also welcoming of all fitness levels. There are a ton of classes and many of the branches have swimming pools.

    Also: for the entire month of January, new members wave the membership fee. The Y branches also have different partners – e.g. certain places of employment and health insurance companies – through which members receive nice discounts on their monthly payments. By being a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, I get a 20% discount.

    Eleanor Traubman