10 Things You Should Know About Sex Addiction

02/03/2010 4:15 AM |

1. Sex Addiction is defined as an “elevated desire to engage in human sexual activity” and referred to as Hypersexuality, as per the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The category is then divided in to female and male affliction, and still listed as nymphomania and satyriasis respectively. Yup, girls are nymphs and boys are satyrs, which, hot.

2. Lothario remains a semi-clinical term (after the character in the quixotic, tale-within-a-tale, The Impertinent Curiosity‚ by Cervantes), and most frequently conjures the image of Frank Langella in Lolita.

3. Nymphomania and Satyrisias are no longer listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Note: To dispel any confusion, Nymphomania may also be referred to in archaic Latin as, Furor Uterinus; a term that translates roughly into, “Hitler Vagina.”

4. Elvis Presley had a penchant for 14-year-old brunettes and eventually married one. And according to Alanna Nash’s Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him, he was also a sex addict.

5. Nymphomania should also not be confused with Vulvodynia, as practiced by the ancient Greek physician Soranus. We’ve still only “practiced” having sex ourselves, so we can’t really explain what “vulvodynia” is.

6. A 1987 Gallup Poll stated that 90% of Americans believed alcoholism to be a disease. This was also the year of the Conference on Sex Addiction at which attendees were told to “treat sex addicts like alcoholics.”

7. According to Dr.Patrick Carnes, sex addict guru and creator of helpful online quiz, “Am I A Sex Addict?“, the number one tell when deciding if someone is a sex addict is if there is “Recurrent failure to resist impulses to engage in extreme acts of lewd sex,” on the part of the subject. Which, duh.

8. The Malleus Malificarum’s Remedies Prescribed for Those Who Are Bewitched by Being Inflamed with Inordinate Love or Extraordinary Hatred “A Guide to curing Sex Addiction” states that when addicted to sex: “…a man often puts away his beautiful wife to cleave to the most hideous of women, and when he cannot rest in the night, but is so demented that he must go by devious ways to his mistress;… it is found that those of noblest birth, Governors, [Golfers], and other rich men, are the most miserably involved in this sin.”

9. In 1988 the LA Times reported that 6% of all people in the US have a sex addiction, not including the Kennedys.

10. Tiger Woods may or may not be a sex addict, but it makes for a good recovery narrative.

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  • Vulvodynia is a DEBILITATING condition for a woman. Her vulva is in pain. Sitting is painful wearing pants is painful. They still havent found a cure hopefully one day they will for I suffer with VULVODYNIA for 4 years . It has ruined my sex life and its a horrible way to live. Diminishes any self esteem a woman can have. If anyone suffers from this disease out there STAY STRONG and find a good specialist ! Hopefully one day all GYNOS will be taght how to treat this or well have an overall cure.