Alex Trebek Hates Women

02/11/2010 1:32 PM |


We’re currently in the middle of “College Championship” week on Jeopardy, which I always thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy because the questions are way easier than they are on regular Jeopardy. On last night’s episode, during the part when Alex Trebek goes over to get a few tidbits about the personal lives of the contestants, a young woman named Lindsay, who attends the University of Missouri, shared a nice little story about how the movie Almost Famous made her want to be a music journalist, just like William Miller. Without missing a beat, Trebek was like, “Oh, so you want to be a groupie?” When Lindsay awkwardly explained that, no, she wanted to be, you know… a journalist, Trebek shrugged it off, mouthing to the camera once again, “a groupie.” Apparently things got even worse during the Double Jeopardy round—which I missed because I decided to watch Extra or something—when she proved that she did actually know a thing or two about music. Occasional L Magazine contributor Jessica Suarez points out, via Twitter, “Wow she just swept the ‘band names’ category and Alex said, ‘Remember what i said earlier.'” So yes, remember: if you’re a woman and you say you want to be a music journalist, Alex Trebek assumes what you really mean is that you are a filthy slut.

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  • his joke is not funny because it’s insensitive and trite and cowardly. i mean, can you imagine if he said something analogous about being black? i’m sure he thought of it, btw, because he IS satan.

  • And how does this mean he hates women?

    I have no respect for porn actors, it doesn’t mean I hate women, or have no respect for other women.
    Maybe he just has no respect for groupies, and is misguided into thinking female music journalists are just groupies?