An Update on the NYU Libraries’ New Riot Grrrl Collection

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02/03/2010 1:47 PM |


Last month we reported on an internal announcement by the NYU Libraries, announcing their acquisition of Kathleen Hanna’s papers for a planned Riot Grrrl Collection. Perhaps in response to the many people who were excited to hear about this, NYU’s Fales Library & Special Collections has added some information about the collection to their website, having this to say about the timeline and contents:

This collection is in the early stages of development and the first donations of papers will not be available for research use until the late fall of 2010, at the earliest.

And what’s inside?

The primary area of collecting is the personal papers of those involved in the creation of early Riot Grrrl zines, music, and activism. This includes (but is not limited to) correspondence, artwork, journals and notebooks, audio or video recordings, photographs, clippings, and flyers, as well as any source materials relating to the creation of artworks, writings, fanzines, bands, performances or events.

The Fales Riot Grrrl Collection is not just a zine collection, although zines and other non-unique items will be collected to augment research.

Plan your application to graduate school accordingly.