Avenue Q’s Puppet Cleavage Rubs Colorado Springs’ Moral Police the Wrong Way

02/24/2010 1:42 PM |

Avenue Q cleavage poster

Avenue Q, the long-running puppet comedy about Sesame Street’s seedier residents that recently made a Broadway-to-Off-Broadway transfer, is also out on the road right now, delighting audiences nationwide with the self-explanatory hilariousness that comes from making cute, kid-friendly puppets say and do offensive things. The Avenue hit a roadblock in Colorado Springs this week, though, where, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, a local billboard company has rejected one of the show’s ads (pictured at right, apologies to your virgin eyes) due to its risqué puppet cleavage.

Although the ad is obviously completely innocuous, it should come as no surprise that the powerful Christian folks of Colorado Springs (home to the Air Force Academy, a terrifying number of Evangelical Christian groups, defense contractors, conservative “think” tanks, and so on) got all outraged at some fuzzy foam in a bikini top. Thanks for playing your part, scary weapons-manufacturing far-right Republicans, and letting us type the phrase “puppet cleavage” more times than we could ever have hoped to. (Upstaged)