Can You Name More Sitting United States Senators Than L Magazine Film Critic/Rain Man Mark Asch?

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02/19/2010 4:44 PM |


A fun thing to do, at work, on a Friday afternoon, is to see how many of our nation’s 100 senators you can name. I tried it earlier today; I recommend going state-by-state, as I did. You should include party affiliation, since they all have that (and their state) after their names all the time.

I got 72 senators, 74 if you count two whose states I misidentified. I attribute this less to a meaningful engagement with national politics than with the proliferation of political gossip and electoral speculation across the internet, where I spend most of my days.

I should have hit at least 80—I missed a couple of absolute sitters (both venerable statesmen and frequent targets of this blog). As for the others I missed (and even many of the ones I got), though, it’s hard to say that I should have known who they are, as very few of them contribute in any meaningful let alone productive way to our political discourse. Anyway, a full list with party affiliation, alphabetical by state, and by seniority within them, is after the jump. Good luck.

Ones I got are in bold. The two whose states I identified incorrectly are in italics.

Alabama: Richard Shelby (R), Jeff Sessions (R)
Alaska: Lisa Murkowski (R), Mark Begich (D)
Arizona: John McCain (R), John Kyl (R)
Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln (D), Mark Pryor (D)
California: Dianne Feinstein (D) , Barbara Boxer (D)
Colorado: Michael Bennett (D), Mark Udall (D)
Connecticut: Chris Dodd (D), Joe Lieberman (I)
Delaware: Tom Carper (D) , Ted Kaufman (D)
Florida: Bill Nelson (D), George LeMieux (R)
Georgia: Saxby Chambliss (R), Johnny Isakson (R)
Hawaii: Daniel Inouye (D), Daniel Akaka (D)
Idaho: Mike Crapo (R), Jim Risch (R)
Illinois: Dick Durbin (D), Roland Burris (D)
Indiana: Richard Lugar (R), Evan Bayh (D)
Iowa: Chuck Grassley (R), Tom Harkin (D)
Kansas: Sam Brownback (R), Pat Roberts (R)
Kentucky: Mitch McConnell (R), Jim Bunning (R)
Louisiana: Mary Landrieu (D), David Vitter (R)
Maine: Olympia Snowe (R), Susan Collins (R)
Maryland: Barbara Mikulski (D), Ben Cardin (D)
Massachusetts: John Kerry (D), Scott Brown (R)
Michigan: Carl Levin (D), Debbie Stabenow (D)
Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar (D), Al Franken (D)
Mississippi: Thad Cochran (R), Roger Wicker (R)
Missouri: Kit Bond (R), Claire McCaskill (D)
Montana: Max Baucus (D), Jon Tester (D)
Nebraska: Ben Nelson (D), Mike Johanns (R)
Nevada: Harry Reid (D), John Ensign (R)
New Hampshire: Judd Gregg (R), Jeanne Shaheen (D)
New Jersey: Frank Lautenberg (D), Robert Menendez (D)
New Mexico: Jeff Bingaman (D), Tom Udall (D)
New York: Charles Schumer (D), Kristen Gillibrand (D)
North Carolina: Richard Burr (D), Kay Hagen (D)
North Dakota: Kent Conrad (D), Byron Dorgan (D)
Ohio: George Voinovich (R), Sherrod Brown (D)
Oklahoma: Jim Inhofe (R), Tom Coburn (R)
Oregon: Ron Wyden (D), Jeff Merkley (D)
Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter (D), Bob Casey, Jr. (D)
Rhode Island: Jack Reed (D), Sheldon Whitehouse (D)
South Carolina: Lindsey Graham (R), Jim DeMint (R)
South Dakota: Tim Johnson (D), John Thune (R)
Tennessee: Lamar Alexander (R), Bob Corker (R)
Texas: Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), John Cornyn (R)
Utah: Orrin Hatch (R), Bob Bennett (R)
Vermont: Pat Leahy (D), Bernie Sanders (I)
Virginia: Jim Webb (D), Mark Warner (D)
Washington: Patty Murray (D), Maria Cantwell (D)
West Virginia: Robert Byrd (D), Jay Rockefeller (D)
Wisconsin: Herb Kohl (D), Russ Feingold (D)
Wyoming: Mike Enzi (R), John Barrasso (R)

And that’s who’s ruining America!