Concerning the 2010 Razzie Nominations

02/02/2010 12:40 PM |

Nominated for an Oscar, a Razzie, and The Ls Worst Human Being Award...all in the same day!

  • Nominated for an Oscar, a Razzie, and The L’s “Worst Human Being” Award…all in the same day!

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has announced its nominees for the 30th Annual Razzie Awards, which highlight the worst in Hollywood filmmaking. I usually don’t support efforts that go out of their way to highlight bad movies—there’s hardly enough time and space to celebrate the best. And the Razzies are no exception, given that’s there’s nothing subversive in their nominations. Leading the pack? Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen—ooo, courageous!—as well as other movies almost everyone agreed were lousy, from Land of the Lost and Old Dogs to G.I. Joe and All About Steve. (Sandra Bullock, nominated this morning for the Best Actress Oscar for the despicable The Blind Side, could become the first actress to win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year!)

You know what would have been great? If the Razzie Nominations were exactly the same as the Oscar nominations, because they would have been largely on the money.