Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex in NYC But Were Afraid to Ask

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02/03/2010 4:15 AM |

Your Guide to NYC’s Underground Sex Parties
So, how do you get invited to New York City’s hedonistic underground playground? You can Google “sex parties NYC” but that won’t really get you where you need to go… Let us help you!

Interview with a New York Virgin
Since the publication last October of The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, a memoir about being young, abstinent, single and Mormon in New York City, Elna Baker has become a leading voice (to her chagrin) of celibacy in the city. See what it’s like to be the only living virgin in New York.

If Gays Can’t Get Married, Who Needs Marriage?
This Valentine’s Day at 1pm UnMarriage Until Gay Marriage will be holding a mass “unwedding” ceremony at Bethesda Fountain, presided over by Reverend Billy. We spoke to one of the organizers, Savitri D., to see what is was all about.

Date Hunting Tips for New Yorkers
It’s not pretty out there. And as singles of any age can attest, it’s tough to find people to date. We guarantee (like, 110 percent) that if you follow these ten tips to finding a date in New York, you will be happy forever. And ever.

The Natural Redhead’s Favorite Sex Writers
In honor of the Sex Issue, our beloved sex columnist Audrey Ference decided to write about her five favorite female sex writers who actually know what they’re talking about. For this we should all be grateful.

So, Tiger Woods is a sex addict. TV’s Sam Malone was probably a sex addict. Are you a sex addict? Are rabbits sex addicts? Who really knows the answer to these questions. No one, that’s who.