Finally, You Can Watch Live TV On Your iPhone, Anywhere

02/04/2010 1:41 PM |

the flying car

  • The future is now.

AT&T announced today that its 3G network will now support the SlingPlayer Mobile TV application, which it wasn’t before, which must have sucked. Sure, you could stream TV with WiFi, but who needs to be guessing FartPolice3A’s password… Ok look, our regular tech blogger is out sick this year, so I’m filling in; frankly, I don’t have an iPhone, so I haven’t really been missing the chance to watch Two and a Half Men at the bar, waiting for my cousin Dale to show up. There, I admit it, I’m probably not a great tech blogger.

Ok, back to “tech blogging”—here’s some analysis: I imagine this is probably even cooler news for iPad types, who will be able to watch Antiques Roadshow while sitting on an old stone wall in the Berkshires.