Forget the Biennial, 2010 is All About the Brucennial

02/11/2010 3:10 PM |

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

On February 25 the Whitney throws open the doors to its 2010 Biennial, which despite featuring fewer artists than it has in ages (and a greater proportion of female artists than ever before) promises to be just as important as in years past, if not artistically then certainly symbolically. One of the main reasons I’m looking forward to the show is because one of the most exciting emerging forces in New York art, Brooklyn-based collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation (which we’ve mentioned a few times before) will be participating. That’s some of them in the photo, wearing museum building costumes, with the Whitney at far right.

Ever the provocateurs and apparently not satisfied to just be included in the Whitney’s Biennial, the collective has announced that on February 25 they will also be launching a major group show of contemporary artists, the Brucennial, in a donated space at 350 West Broadway in Soho (with an as yet unannounced online component). Artnet reports that details about the Brucennial are scarce, but it will be titled “Miseducation” and, according to a press release, “brings together 420 artists from 911 countries working in 666 discrete disciplines.” The Brucennial opens with performances on February 25 and continues through April 4.

One Comment

  • By popular demand the exhibition has been extended to May 22nd. The ever evolving show now includes an oil painting from Rah Crawford, founder of NPIC-Art. Time to revisit me thinks..