Hereafter, All Cocktail Compass Posts Will Be Accompanied by Images of Drunk Cats

02/08/2010 5:02 PM |

Cocktail cat

Until about a year ago, The L was staunchly anti-internet (small factions still remain), but the launch of this fancy new site and then our inaugural iPhone application, Cocktail Compass, have brought us to the cutting edge of Web 2.0 super-sophistication. Now, to sweeten the deal—which, with a free app that tells you where and when the closest happy hour deals to your exact real-time location can be found, is already very sweet—we’re throwing in another interweb staple food: LOLcats.

From now on, every blog post about our interactive mobile drinking guide will be accompanied by incontestable evidence from one of our feline users that Cocktail Compass does in fact help you drink more for less, and does so in a manner so clear, legible and user-friendly, that even a soused kitty can find its way to the next drinking hole. Cats agree: Cocktail Compass rulz!