Indian Tribe Appeals to James Cameron, Claim Their Story is a Real-Life Avatar

02/08/2010 4:29 PM |

the smurfs believe nothing is sacred

An indigenous tribe in the dirt-poor Indian state of Orissa is appealing to tenderhearted Hollywood ego James Cameron, asking him to help save their holy mountain from a mining company. Yup, pretty much the plot fulcrum of Avatar.

The Dongria Kondh tribe believe their Niyamgiri mountain—along with the surrounding forest—to be a sacred place (which also happens to be the ecosystem they’ve relied on for centuries), and that disaster will befall them if mining company Vedanta (Hindi for “profit margin”) has its way and starts on open-cast bauxite mine on top of the mountain. In an ad placed in Variety, the 8,000-strong Dongria appealed directly to Cameron:

Avatar is fantasy… and real. The Dongria Kondh tribe in India are struggling to defend their land against a mining company hell-bent on destroying their sacred mountain. Please help the Dongria.

No word yet on Cameron’s response. But we’ll you let you know.

P.S. Avatar sucked, also; if you liked it you’re basically a tween.

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  • Can I think it sort of sucked and still think its an extremely important movie in the evolution of film that we’ll look back on as a sort of modern (if totally cliche and lead-eared) Wizard of Oz? I’m very conflicted.

    Also, I hope their mountain gets saved.