John McCain Don’t Need No Military Commanders to Tell Him How to Run the Military!

02/03/2010 2:18 PM |

Let it be thy will, master.

  • Let it be thy will, master.

John McCain, yesterday, on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:

Has this policy been ideal? No, it has not. But it has been effective. [Not really.] It has helped to balance a potentially disruptive tension between the desires of a minority and the broader interests of our all-volunteer force. It is well understood and predominantly supported by our fighting men and women. It reflects, as I understand them, the preferences of our uniformed services. It has sustained unit cohesion and unit morale, while still allowing gay and lesbian Americans to serve their country in uniform.

John McCain, in 2006:

I listen to people like General Colin Powell, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and literally every military leader that I know, and they testified before Congress that they felt that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was the most appropriate way to conduct ourselves in the military, a policy that has been effective. It has worked…And I understand the opposition to it, and I’ve had these debates and discussions. But the day that the leadership of the military comes to me and says, “Senator, we ought to change the policy,” then I think we ought to consider seriously changing it, because those leaders in the military are the ones we give the responsibility to.

Notice how he no longer wants to listen to military leadership? (Oh, and how most of his contentions are totally wrong?) The disappointment with Obama is deserved, maybe not in whole, but at least this dolt didn’t win the presidency. [Democracy Now!]